Cashew Nut Kernels are mainly used for the snack market as a roasted and salted snack. Due to the lovely taste, the cashew nut is seen as an upper class nut. The cashew nut is becoming of more and more interest to industrial users and is as such used for cookies and cereals. The nut is know for its excellent healthy features (see for example this video ‘Healthy Nuts’).

Nutritional values (per 100 gram)
Energy 572 kcal/ 2,420 kJ
Fat 42.2 gr
Protein 17.5 gr
Carbohydrates 30.5 gr
Minerals 2.9 gr
Vitamins 4.15 mg

Below you find some pictures of our main export grades which are processed in our African factories. Be aware that we do proces many more cashew grades such as Fancy Butts, Scorched, Chips, Baby Bits, etc. so if you have any requirement, please let us know.

All our product is supplied under the registered brand ‘Pride of Africa’ and according AFI Food Standards.


White Whole 320


Fancy Split

White Whole 180

Large White Piece

Small White Piece