The focus of the Trade & Development Group (TDG) is to develop African businesses by providing capital investment, technical support and international marketing. Trade & Development Group is the holding company for White Bird International B.V. (WBI) and Trade Development International B.V. (TDI).

TDG dates back to 1993. After many travels and work in Africa, Mr. Gerard Klijn founded Global Trading & Agency (GTA), an international brokerage business in nuts and dried fruits. From then, we have continiously worked in Africa to provide local entrepreneurs and farmers access to international markets.

In 2004, White Bird International was founded as an investment partner for African companies focussing on cashew processing in Africa. In the same year, Trade Development International started to service the African partners by buying and selling the cashew kernels on the international market.

It is our aim to reinvest all profits made within the group in existing or in new business. TDG is only active in Africa and working in amongst others Benin and Burkina Faso, Togo, Guinea Bissau & South Africa. We are dreaming of more and more processing factories in Africa.

Gerard Klijn


Ronald Zaal

Operational Manager

John de Wolf

Project Manager

Ruben van Wijngaarden

Supply Chain Coordinator

Lisanne Willemsen

Supply Chain Coordinator

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