Afokantan Benin Cashew is the oldest operational cashew processing factory in Benin. The plant is located in Tchaourou, a small village in the middle of Benin. The company is exporting approx. 300 MT of cashew nut kernels (requires an input of approximately 1,500 MT of Raw Cashew Nuts). With this capacity, the factory it is one of the biggest processing factories in Benin. The factory is HACCP-certified since 2017. Here you find our HACCP certificate.

Afokantan is set up to counter the trend of exports of Raw Cashew Nuts to Asia without any local value addition. At current the factory employs 310 employees, whereof 275 women. Next to a decent salary all the workers have free use of the health care centre and health insurances. The factory is a semi mechanical processing plant, with a combination of automatic shelling, peeling and sorting equipment from Europe and Asia.

All the cashew kernels coming from Afokantan are traceable back to the region where the Raw Cashew Nuts are grown. Therefore, we use the innovative 3S traceability software. With this traceability system, we continue working and investing on a long term, sustainable supply chain and close collaboration with the farmers.